How to come to CERN



GPS coordinates:

Public transport:

1, Esplanade des Particules
(anc. 385 route de Meyrin)
CH-1217 Meyrin - Genève
Latitude: 46.2330 N ou 46° 13' 59"
Longitude: 6.0556 E ou  6° 3' 20"


How to come to CERN Welcome Club 

All CWC activities are held in a special area in Restaurant 2.

You must have a CERN badge (how to proceed) and wear it during all your stay according to CERN directives.


By walk from the main entrance (Building 55) to Restaurant 2 (Building 504)



By bicycle or car from the main entrance (Building 55) to Restaurant 2 (Building 504)