A spirit of friendship favouring a sense of community is the CWC vocation.

-Clara Raimondo, our president

The CERN Welcome Club is the right place to meet people, learn new skills, discover talents, or simply have fun

CWC offers 70 hours of fun activities and courses weekly ranging from sports, to languages, to arts and crafts.

Our Club is open to both, men and women, you will find a toddlers group, as well as activities and courses for yourself where you can broaden your network of friends, enjoy a cup of coffee over lively discussions at our Coffee Morning meetings, find new hobbies and a lot more!

We encourage all members to support the club by volunteering their time, talents and skills to the functioning of the club and it's activities. If you would like to teach a class, please contact the Section Leader or Activities Coordinator.

So, don't hesitate - become a member of the CERN Welcome Club today,
and discover a congenial setting to relax and enjoy cultural activities together!