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Andrew's Business English Class

Would you like to identify develop your transferable skills, upgrade your CV, practice and improve your interview technique and communicate confidently in English?

A set of ten lessons that cover everything from Skills analysis, the STAR method, your CV and Cover Letters, through to interview practice, making an impression and giving presentations.

These classes are focused on the Business side of English. With open resources and tools you can use to help you develop the career you want.

Online in a small group via zoom, each 1h30 class is offered on Mondays in the early evening (18h30 to 20h00).


The next course starts on 22 January 2024


Below is a list of the lesson subjects:

L1 - Hard & Soft Skills

L2 - Transferable Skills & Skills Analysis

L3 - STAR Method & Writing STARs

L4 - Your CV & Embedding STARs

L5 - Due Diligence & Cover Letters

L6 - Interview Checklist & Questions

L7 - Practice Interviews & Feedback

L8 - First Impressions, Authenticity & Small Talk

L9 - Communication at Work

L10 - Giving a Presentation


Please contact Andrew Kane at  ABeClass@protonmail.com