The CWC calendar year runs from September 1st to August 31st.

The registrations are accepted all the year long.

Registrations before March 31st are valid only for the current year



New Ordinary Members and Associate Members


CHF 25.- for Ordinary Members

Ordinary Members include any person with an official CERN access card.

In order to become a member of the CERN Welcome Club, you need to fill out the registration form and pay the annual subscription fee during any Coffee Morning or to send to the members' Secretary the registration form and the receipt of your UBS payment (see below).


CHF 35.- for Associate Members

An Associate Member is a person having no connection with CERN, but who is presented at a Coffee Morning by a Club Member. They have to ask a CERN access card every year.

The inscriptions take place only during the Coffee Morning. Check here for dates and times of Coffee Morning meetings.


Registration Form

To be filled out only at the first registration or in case of a change of information.

Those with a hyphenated surname, your name should always appear the same way on payments and activity lists in order to avoid confusion.

Access Cards




The Ordinary Members have to ask directely CERN in order to get their access card.



You have the possibility to ask for two types of access: a daily or an annual.

  • Annual acces.

Please note that the access cards are valid only one year starting from the date of issue. The acces card must be renewed each year

The Associates Members must send an e-mail to to initiate the CERN procedure for
requesting the access card.

You will receive an CERN email with a link to an online form where you have to complete your personal details and upload a scanned version of your passport or your ID card in PDF form

Your registration form has to be approved by several services and can take up to two weeks to complete.
Once your form has obtained all of the necessary approvals you will receive an email inviting you to collect your CERN Access card from building 55.

Please do not attempt to collect your card  until you have received email notification that your card is ready.
Please note that payment of your subscription does not entitle you to pick up your card.

  • Day acces

If you wish to access the site for a trial class, or for subscription purposes

Please complete this online form. The form should be completed 48hrs prior to the date you wish to access the site. You will receive notification if your request is accepted



You can renew your membership at any coffee morning. If you are not able to come to a Coffee Morning, you can pay in the following way:

Through the UBS bank - please pay  CHF 25.- for Ordinary Members and CHF 35.- for Associate Members - to the CWC account:
CERN Welcome Club : UBS IBAN CH98 0027 9279 C775 2554 2.
Please mention: Subscription, your last name(s), first name, address, nationality, and year of birth.


Thank you for joining the CERN Welcome Club!

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