Activities & Classes


To participate in activities and courses, please read the rules below


First,  you must be a member of the CERN Welcome Club - click here to find out how to register.

Next, you must sign up with the group leader of the activity or course. You will find the coordinates under the heading, Activities and Courses.

Lastly, you must pay the group leader of the activity directly. The fees are as follows:

New course fees for 2017-2018 :

1 hour :                CHF    8.00
1½ to 2 hours      CHF  10.00
Over 2 hours       CHF  12.00

In case of absence, the group leader will provide a substitute teacher, or will replace or reimburse the missed course or courses.  When a participant misses one or more courses, he or she should if possible inform the group leader, and may not request reimbursement - whatever the reason for the absence.

No other sum of money may be asked of participants.

We hope that you will appreciate the Club's vitality, and the possibility [it offers]to meet new people.

Come to our monthly Coffee Mornings (Building 504, follow the signs).

If you have more questions about an activity listed on the Programme, contact the group leader, the Club President, or the Activities Coordinator.

We wish you all a good year!


We remind you that for all Club activities (indoors or outdoors), all participants are responsible for themselves, their own children and those who have been entrusted to them.

The Club declines all responsibility for damage to personal property, as well as traumatism or bodily harm to adults or children, be they Club members or not.

The Staff  Association has insurance covering all of its clubs' premises and property (furnishings, computers, etc.), but not personal insurance /civil liability.


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